Helping AJ

I have a 13-year-old boy on my caseload, we will call him AJ.  After his mother died, he was removed from his father for physical abuse and moved into a residential facility for a year and a half. AJ was eventually placed with a great uncle who had no idea whether he...

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Baby’s First Birthday

I was assigned this PACT case back in January when I first started here at Adoption Option Inc. Child Welfare Organization. I was assigned to work with a child that was placed with their mom's sister. Mom and her sister do not typically get along well. They always...

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Overcoming COVID-19 Obstacles

I Make A Difference Moment I was assigned this case April 7th, 2020 right in the middle of COVID-19 lock down. When the client and I first started working together, the visits were through phone calls with her 3 children. The calls were good but the client could not...

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The Power of Support

I Make A Difference Moment Mrs. Jones is a parent who was referred to. our agency for services. At the time of the referral, she was residing in a sober living facility trying to adjust to her new normal after her three children were removed from her care because of...

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A Support System in Times of Uncertainty

I Make a Difference Moment Ms. Frank is a foster parent I worked with for the last 18 months. During that time, she has accepted multiple children into her licensed foster home. As I have continued to keep in touch with Ms. Frank I have observed the many ways she...

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A Brighter Day For A Little Boy

I Make A Difference Moment Recently we shared an I Make A Difference story that was 5 years in the making. Here is one from a foster care worker in her first job out of college: I have a little boy on my caseload. He is very smart. He’s the type of little kid you...

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I Make a Difference

 This I Made a Difference Moment reached a milestone earlier this year but actually began 5 years earlier. In 2015, I received my very first adoption case which involved three siblings. Children's Protective Services had been working with the family for a year in...

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