Why Choose Adoption Option?

The people at AOICWO are fully committed to helping children find a permanent loving and nurturing family.  We firmly believe “a child reached is a child saved.”

Family Preservation

Adoption Options allows families to take the lead and make choices as well as create routines and structures that promote healthy relationships among the family.

Adoption of a Foster Child

Foster children need a family who will accept them as they are, love them without conditions, and work with the child to re-pattern life and coping skills. Learn how you can help.

Adoption Basics

Adoption is a process that creates a new family for a child or adult. Learn about different adoption options available.

Foster Care

There are approximately 13,000 children in foster care in the State of Michigan. See how you can help a child in need.

Family Preservation

 AOICWO recognizes that there is a significant need for family preservation services. We work to help keep families togeather.

Our Mission

“To improve the lives of the children and families we serve.”

About Adoption Option Inc.

Adoption Option Inc., a Michigan non-profit corporation, is licensed by the State of Michigan as a child placing agency to provide a variety of adoptions and other services. It has been designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Adoption Option Inc. was initially founded to provide adoption services, help children in the foster care system and to share free information about adoption and foster care. Since inception, we have provided home studies for many types of Michigan families. We have provided services to families adopting domestically, both to children located inside and outside the State of Michigan. Later we began offering foster licensing and foster care services.

AOICWO is Making an Impact!

Adoptions Closed

Families Licensed for Foster Care

Helpful Resources

Adoption Option Inc. Is your resource for information regarding adoption, foster care and family preservation services. Find helpful resources and answers to common questions.

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