Foster Home Licensing

Foster families help provide children with stability, consistency and
support as they grow and develop while in their care.

Adoption Option Inc. Foster Home Licensing Program


Foster Home Licensing
Foster home licensing is a process of evaluating a family and their home to determine if it follows state guidelines for foster care. This process is a very comprehensive one that typically takes three to six months. Some circumstances may cause the process to be shorter or longer. The steps involved in becoming a licensed foster parent may sometimes be challenging, but it is a necessary one to provide for the safety of the child. Once you complete the process, we hope you will find your experience in helping a foster child to be rewarding and satisfying.

Becoming a licensed foster parent is an opportunity to open up your hearts and your home to welcome a foster child who is in need of love and support. These foster children have been removed from their homes due to unforeseen trauma, abuse or neglect. They are in need of a family who will support them in overcoming their fears, dealing with crisis and providing them with unwavering love during this journey through foster care.

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