Foster Home Licensing

Foster families help provide children with stability, consistency and
support as they grow and develop while in their care.

Adoption Option Inc. Foster Home Licensing Program


Foster Home Licensing

Adoption Option Inc. is contracted with the State of Michigan to license foster family homes. The Licensing workers are experienced and professional.  They will assist you in completing the process of getting your home licensed.  The licensing staff provide assistance in understanding the licensing process and will walk prospective foster parents through each step.  They help foster parents understand the specific needs of the children in foster care and help families decide what types of behaviors they would be best suited to handle. The licensing staff continues to support and train families during and after the licensing process.

What it Takes:

Foster children require caring adults who can provide a safe and nurturing home.  Reunification with the biological parent is the primary goal for children in foster care.  This process can take quite a bit of time, supportive and caring adults who are able to provide stability and safety for the children are a necessity.

Foster parents need to be committed and able to :

    • Work with the child’s birth parents.
    • Supportive of efforts to return the child home.
    • Able to work with children who have emotional and behavioral needs.
    • Able to encourage teens toward independent living.
    • Willing to provide a permanent home if necessary.

As part of the foster home licensing process, the State of Michigan requires you attend Orientation (approximately 3 hours either in your home or in the office) and view four video segments.   These videos include:  What Every Parent Needs to Know, Attachment & Separation, Impact of Fostering, and The Licensing Process.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

We also suggest viewing the following video’s


Removed Part 2:

If you are interested in speaking to a trained Foster Home Licensing worker, please contact our licensing department by sending an email to:

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