My job as a YIT specialist allows me to meet the youth (ages 14-23) where they are and walk with them on their journey to adulthood. One youth in our program is an 18 year old boy. When I met with him, he did not talk much, but wanted to go to the mall. We walked around the mall, he checked out a few things and bought some headphones. He quickly put them in while we had lunch. We met a few more times and still more of the same.

 During one of our monthly outings with the youth, we went kayaking, not knowing until we were in the water, this was his first time. He didn’t stay on the water long, but gave it a try. We got pizza after and he talked a bit. I spent the next year, just showing up, knowing there was a lot this youth needed but he would not share his needs or ask for help.

 I continued simply doing my job and reaching out to the youth. Then one day to my surprise, he asked for help with his glasses. I picked him up from school and took him to get a new pair. He explained a few issues he had going and I told him how I could help when he was ready.

 Then it happened. He sent me a text sharing his needs. I quickly thanked him for sharing his needs and began assisting him. Subsequently, we had a Christmas party and he smiled, laughed and interacted with the other youth.

 I’m so happy to see this bright, young man come out of his shell. I’m even more thankful that consistency and just showing up has made a difference for this youth. I’m thankful for this great team at our organization that never hesitates to come together and help these youth.


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