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This brochure details the Adoption & Foster Care Information and Process that we follow at Adoption Option Inc.

Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

MARE is an information and referral service for interested families and adoption workers; a photo-listing of waiting Michigan children is available.

MI Heart Gallery

The Michigan Heart Gallery is a unique photographic exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care. 

MARE Family Newsletters

The Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) releases newsletters throughout the year. “Every issue includes insightful, important information for adoptive and foster families, or for those who are considering adoption and foster care. Learn what’s going on through the Calendar of Events and other regular features.” (Scroll down on the page; they are below the Professional Provider Newsletters.)

North American Council on Adoptable Children

The NACAC is committed to meeting the needs of waiting children and families who adopt them.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway

The Child Welfare Information Gateway is a comprehensive resource for all aspects of adoption including infant, inter-country and special needs adoption.

National Adoption Center

NAC expands opportunities for children throughout the US, particularly for children with special needs and those from minority cultures.

Kinds of Adoptions

A government publication on the kinds of adoptions and general information about each.

Kinship Care Resource Center

A kinship care resource center “where relative caregivers for children and professionals can receive assistance.” The center is a non-profit organization through the School of Social Work at Michigan State University.

Tax Benefits for Adoption

Summary of changes in the adoption tax credit in legislation which was passed January 2013.

Adoption Credit and Adoption Assistance Information

More information from the IRS on possible tax credits. (IRS Tax Topic 607)

Qualified Adoption Expenses

IRS form 8839

Qualified Adoption Expenses Instructions

Instructions for IRS form 8839

IRS Home Page

Search for ‘adoption’ on the IRS website to find other relevant information and the “Adoption Benefits FAQs.”

Talking to 3-5 Year Olds About Adoption

This article explains how to talk to kids in this age group about adoption.

Talking to 6-8 Year Olds About Adoption

This article explains how to talk to kids in this age group about adoption.

Talking to your Teen About Adoption

This article explains how to talk to your teenager about adoption.

The Complete Adoption Book (Amazon.com)

As adoption professionals and adoptive parents, authors Laura Beauvais-Godwin and Raymond Godwin share their expertise. Regardless of the types of adoption you are considering, this book will have helpful information. It is available online from Amazon and others. Table of Contents Summary.

Domestic Adoption Reading List

These are some books and articles we believe will help you through all steps of the adoption process.

Adopting the Older Child


Adoption Subsidy: Publication 538


Adopting a Child in Michigan: Publication 823


AOI Program Statement

AOI Program Statement 2009

Michigan Adoption Program Statement: Publication 255


Putative Father Explained

Putative Father – Adoption Option

Releasing Adoption Information: on releasing information from Michigan adoption records Publication 439


A Handbook for Youth in Foster Care


HWMFC Jan 2016 Revised Adelping Families Grow and Thrive Preschool for three- and four-year-olds at four locations

  • Childcare for children ages 12 and under
  • After-school and summer programs for youth and teens
  • Summer food program from the USDA for youth ages 18 and under
  • Dow College Opportunity Program to support and mentor high school students
  • Parent education and social services
  • Community computer lab with Internet access
  • Call us for details at 989.832.3256, or visit WMFC.org
  • Located at 4011 West Isabella Rd. (M-20)
  • 14 miles west of Downtown Midland

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