In the summer of 2022, through a referral I had the opportunity to work with a domestic violence survivor. We will call her Mary. Mary was a single mother and one of her children has special needs. She was on the verge of homelessness but determined to change her situation. I immediately felt a special connection to Mary. She was strong and smart and I really appreciated her determination.

Through working to find the financial resources she needed, she made the difficult decision to move into a homeless shelter avoiding an eviction on her record. I supported Mary and helped her organize and pack her belongings and move into the shelter. There, she was assigned an advocate with whom I worked closely to help find Mary a job.

Mary was able to starting working and as things settled I was able to work with her on nurturing parenting strategies, self-worth and the importance of self-care. I was amazed to see the changes in the way she talked to her children and cared for herself. Before my eyes the client blossomed and adopted a happier and healthier lifestyle. Within a month of being at the shelter we were moving her into a new house!

I enjoyed helping Mary gain a new sense of freedom and self-worth. I came into her life when she was broken, feeling down and feeling like she failed her children. I helped her turn everything around and end up in such a better place. This is one of the best cases I have ever had I loved everything about it!

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