Adoption is a process that creates a new family for a child or adult. The process for completing the adoption varies based on the type of adoption. Most types of adoptions require a completed home study (also called a “Family Assessment” or “Family Evaluation”) before the adoption legal process can begin. If the Department of Human Services is not involved and the court classifies your adoption as a relative, guardian, adult or step-parent adoption, the adoption process can begin without the home study, but one is needed before the adoption is completed.

Foster Home Licensing
Foster home licensing is a process of evaluating a family and their home to determine if it follows state guidelines for foster care. This process is a very comprehensive one that typically takes three to six months. Some circumstances may cause the process to be shorter or longer. The steps involved in becoming a licensed foster parent may sometimes be challenging, but it is a necessary one to provide for the safety of the child. Once you complete the process, we hope you will find your experience in helping a foster child to be rewarding and satisfying.

Our LEAP Summer Program seeks to positively impact participants by: providing opportunities for young men to develop relationships with, and learn from, college mentors with strong records of personal and/or academic achievement; nurturing the scholastic abilities of our participants by providing them with techniques that will make them better readers and thinkers in their traditional classroom settings; challenging them to think critically about their own goals and the role that education plays in the achievement of those goals.

Youth In Transition Mentoring Program
YIT Mentoring services are designed to facilitate readiness for independence into adulthood for youth ages 14-21 who were in foster care placement one day after their 14th birthday. Youth are matched with trained and qualified mentors based on common interests and overall compatibility.

Funding for Gaps in Medical Expenses for Foster and Adopted Children
Adoption Option I Adoption Option Inc.’s application for funds to help fill in the gaps in medical expenses for foster and adopted children was granted. This funding will enable us to assist foster and adoptive children and their families. If you are a foster or adopted child, youth or young adult and have utilized all of your personal resources to help with medical needs, but still have a gap in the funds needed for a medical expense, please complete the attached form and email it to: Adoption Option Inc.’s application for funds to help fill in the gaps in medical expenses for foster and adopted children was granted.

Family Preservation
In 2012 AOI recognized a significant need for family preservation services for parents suspected of abuse or neglect resulting in the removal of their children. In order to address this need, Adoption Option Inc. branched out into the following areas. Parents And Children Together (PACT) 2012 Parents Actively Learning (PAL) 2013 Strong Families Safe Children (SFSC) 2013 Parents Learning And Nurturing (PLAN) 2014 Parents Using Life Skills Education (PULSE) 2015 Families Together Building Solutions (FTBS) 2016 Community Parents Learning And Nurturing (CPLAN) 2017

Nurturing Parenting Facilitator Training
The three (3) day training will focus on incorporating the philosophy, skills and strategies of Nurturing Parenting. Participants will learn how to design home-based and group based parenting programs utilizing the proven lesson of the Nurturing Parenting Programs. A hands-on approach to conducting home and group based Nurturing Programs that includes facilitating weekly sessions, how to use program materials, videos and assessment tools, children’s and parents’ program activities, family home practice assignments, icebreakers, personal growth lessons, activities for personal power, alternatives to corporal punishment, building self-esteem self-concept and empathy in parents and children.

Community P.L.A.N. Group
The Group Parent Education Program: Parents Learning and Nurturing (PLAN) provides intensive, group-based parent education which focuses on increasing nurturing parent-child interaction. The families and group facilitators work together to enhance the parenting skills during weekly group sessions. The group facilitator and parents will discuss parenting skills, life and home management skills, and parent/child interaction skills.

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