Our History

The people at AOI are fully committed to helping children find a permanent loving and nurturing family.  We firmly believe “a child reached is a child saved.”

Our History
Adoption Option Inc. was initially founded to provide adoption services, help children in the foster care system and to share free information about adoption and foster care.

Since inception, we have provided home studies for many types of Michigan families. We have provided services to families adopting domestically, both to children located inside and outside the State of Michigan.

Adoption Option Inc., a Michigan non-profit corporation, is licensed by the State of Michigan as a child placing agency to provide a variety of adoption and other services. It has been designated as a tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

Helpful Resources

Find answers to common adoption questions. Contact us directly for more information. (989) 839-0534

Since then, we have started to offer some additional services:

  • Family preservation
  • LEAP (Learn, Evaluate, Achieve, Play summer program)

In April 2004, AOI became authorized by the State of Michigan to help families with the following services:

  • License foster homes
  • Place children in licensed foster homes
  • Provide independent living services
  • Provide adoptive home studies
  • Place and supervise children with adoptive parents

AOI was incorporated on April 7, 2003.

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