When we work out in the field we do not always hear from our clients how we impact their lives. Then, one day I received a text from a client 3 weeks after I started working with the family. 

She said: “I just want to take a second and say that I am so thankful for the opportunity to have you work with us. You are not only helping us with the kids but you have also been helping our relationship as well. So we want to say thank you and we appreciate all that you are doing for our family.”  

As I continued to work with the family for another 5 months, the client talked about different parenting techniques we discussed before, how the parent had been trying to use these techniques and how these techniques have changed the way they interact as a family. 

Even when we do not see the changes, they are happening behind the scenes. Every time we go into a client’s home, we ARE providing them resources they can use to make changes to help their family.







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