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PLAN Midland Based Parent Support Group

The Parents Learning And Nurturing (PLAN) group sessions provide parents the opportunity to obtain new parenting skills in a group setting where a sense of community can develop. This program presents an evidence-based curriculum that can be customized to deliver parenting information that reflects the age of their child. One of our staff recently completed facilitating a PLAN group ten week session with four individuals whose children were in foster care. The PLAN curriculum includes a pretest, instruction in five separate areas and a post-test to measure progress in each of these areas. Parents in the PLAN program engage in a weekly discussion of parenting topics and seemed to grow more comfortable with one another each passing week. All four parents attended every session that was offered to them and indicated that they truly enjoyed coming to group because they were gaining new information that helped them to be more effective parents.


I Make A Difference Moment:

Almost every week, I was told how helpful the information had been to the parents. They described how the information presented enabled them to more effectively engage in nurturing parenting techniques with their children. At the end of the last group session, one of the parents informed me that although I may not hear it frequently, the work I do with families truly makes a difference in their lives. Not only did I make a difference in these parents’ lives, they made a difference in mine. To date, two of the four parents in this particular group have already had their children removed from foster care and returned home.


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