family_GirlAdoption Option Inc.’s application for funds to help fill in the gaps in medical expenses for foster and adopted children was granted. This funding will enable us to assist foster and adoptive children and their families. If you are a foster or adopted child, youth or young adult and have utilized all of your personal resources to help with medical needs, but still have a gap in the funds needed for a medical expense, please complete the attached form and email it to:



Click here for Brochure:  MHEF_Brochure (PDF Version)

Click here for Application: 
MHEF request form 12-9-16 (Adobe PDF Version)
MHEF request form 12-9-16 (Microsoft Word Version)
For More Information Please Contact Sandra Avery by Email or Phone:

Email Sandra Avery at    ||      Call: Sandra Avery at (989) 839-0534 


big_FamilyFor more details about other programs throughout the State of Michigan that will assist local communities  in their efforts to improve the health and wellness of children and senior residents in  areas such as: wellness and fitness programs; healthy food access; behavioral health services; health-related transportation services; foster and adopted children health services; and technology enhancements click here: