LEAP_BoyBoth public and private agencies are working together to achieve goals set by the Director of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to recruit more families to help foster children.  There are many ways to help a foster child. One way to help is to become a foster care parent.

For more information on becoming a licensed foster parent click here: Questions About Becoming a Licensed Foster Parent

Another is to adopt a foster care child. There are many public and private agencies throughout the State of Michigan that place children for adoption. Despite their successes, an overflow of children waiting to be adopted still exists. Many families want to adopt an infant. However, older children in the foster care system whose parental rights have been terminated need a loving family, too. Research shows that these children, when adopted, often blossom within their new family; when these children are not matched with families, their resulting adult life is often troubled.

For more information on these waiting children go to: MARE.org


  • shutterstock_134998535Offer access to training to prepare your family for the adoption.
  • Conduct the home study.
  • Coordinate with the agency that has responsibility for the foster care child you select.
  • Provide a better understanding of the unique background of the child you select.
  • Help you identify additional resources and post-adoption support.

At Adoption Option Inc., we are looking to recruit families who are willing to meet children where they are in life and help them grow. We seek to identify families who want to adopt an older child whose parental rights have already been terminated. Adoption Option Inc. is ready to help support you through the adoption process.