Summer camps are beneficial for both families and youth, and Eagle Village offers several dates for summer camps for youth who need a more intensive experience than traditional summer camps offer. 

BASECAMP, a five-day outdoor experience, is designed for youth ages 9-13 years old and serves as fun and impacting experience for youth having difficulty with anger and/or managing their emotions.  Additionally, for families who qualify, Adoption Subsidy may be able to cover some or all of the cost for a BASECAMP experience.

PROJECT SURVIVE, an intensive ten-day experience, is designed for youth ages 13-17 years. Youth in this camp typically are having struggles at home, at school or in their community. Youth will experience increased levels of self-worth, respect for others and decision-making tools.  Just as summer comes and goes too fast, so does camp season. The deadline to register for our summer camp experiences is rapidly approaching. The camps fill up quickly, and we don’t want you to miss out. Call 231-832-7298to register or to learn more information or go online to 

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