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Lakenyei doesn’t have the time or patience to sit still. After school, for instance, she loves to dance and listen to music, and she counts track and cheerleading among the activities that she participates in. On weekends, Lakenyei’s favorite things to do include getting her hair and nails done, and while in the company of friends, she likes listening to music and playing games. As her photograph suggests, Lakenyei is funny and loves to laugh, and she wants people to know that she has a good sense of humor. A worker describes Lakenyei as a vibrant and active child who enjoys one-on-one time.

Lakenyei is working hard on improving how she manages and expresses her emotions. She can let her feelings affect her decision making and is learning how to be more considerate and respectful towards others. She struggles with trust and has difficulty following the rules, yet a worker states that Lakenyei “can do well when she wants to” and is “capable of having positive interactions and behaviors.” Lakenyei likes school and works very hard to do her best and achieve her goals. She does benefit from additional support in the classroom to maximize her effort and abilities.

Lakenyei will need a loving, caring and dedicated forever family. The adoptive family must be active and supportive in helping Lakenyei manage her emotional and educational needs. The family must offer her a great deal of monitoring, guidance and redirection to help her succeed in reaching her goals. The adoptive family must be aware that Lakenyei is learning to manage her emotions and have realistic expectations of how she will behave when they get the best of her, while making sure she knows they are dedicated to her. Lakenyei will need a family who will offer her stability and structure in the home. The family must be willing to continue and seek out any additional support services that are beneficial to Lakenyei’s well-being. Lakenyei would benefit from either a two-parent or strong single-parent family who can provide her with a consistent and stable home environment. Lakenyei would do well as the only or youngest child in an adoptive home without pets. The most important quality for an adoptive family for Lakenyei to have is patience.

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