Marvin Great Scott! There’s a new superhero flying around the planet! It’s Marvelous Marvin! This caped crusader not only wants to save the world one day, but if he had his way, he also would strap a giant piggy bank to his back and drop money off to charities. Of course, that’s when he’s an adult. As a kid, Marvin just wants to tackle the heavens from the ground through a love of science. “Sometimes,” he says, “when it’s windy, I like to fly some kites. And sometimes I just like to relax, lay in the sun and look at the clouds … Sometimes at night I like to look at the stars” … and perhaps wish upon one because Marvin wants a telescope one day, not to mention a forever family as well. “I would like to have a forever family who will provide me with a new home to live in and take me to Cosi!” Yes, this superhero/scientist might seem ordinary on the outside. After all, he likes listening to music and playing basketball and video games. But since when is saving the world “ordinary”?

To do some other extraordinary things, Marvin needs some help. For instance, he can get overwhelmed by a lot of things going on around him, but he responds well to redirection and calm, positive communication. He is learning how to manage his emotions and channel his frustrations through positive outlets. Marvin is learning to respect the personal boundaries of others and benefits from supervision.

A forever family for Marvin must be patient and willing to continue and participate in therapeutic services. They should also be willing to seek out extra educational services if needed. A family who can provide consistent boundaries and a high degree of supervision will be important. An ongoing relationship with siblings will be important for Marvin in the future. It is recommended that Marvin be adopted by a strong one- parent or two-parent family.

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Please contact AOI if you would like to become an adoptive or foster parent.