Dionte is a 10 year old, African American male. He does not have any siblings. Dionte is reported to be a “clean, funny, and cute” child. It is reported that Dionte “can be quiet and introverted,” but once he trusts people then he becomes more “open and loving” towards those people. He reports that he wants to be a professional football player or designer his own clothes. It is reported that he would be best fit in a home where he is the youngest. Dionte reports that he “would like a family who has older kids, [he wants] older brother!” It is also reported that Dionte needs love, consistency and support. It is reported that Dionte needs a family who is actively “engaged in… positive outlets and activities for him to participate in.”

Please click on the link for the full biography on Dionte: http://www.mare.org/ForFamilies/ViewWaitingChildren/tabid/93/view/Detail/Default.aspx?id=3193