Hi. My name is Alex; I work at Adoption Option Inc., which started out as a non-profit adoption agency, but now we are so much more. I want to begin this entry with a little bit of background about who this agency is and why we are interested in writing this blog. Adoption Option Inc. (AOI) is a child welfare organization based out of Midland, MI. We service all of central Michigan with our many programs. We don’t do just adoptions, anymore. We do adoptions, licensing, foster care, supervised vistiation services, birth parent education services, and family reunification services. (For more information on any of these topics, click on the hyperlink or keep checking back for more blog posts.) All of the staff that work in this agency have a passion to help children and families. This passion has been woven into each of the services that AOI provides.

Foster care is part of all of the services that we do; it is attached to all of the services that we offer. And so the point of this blog is to help foster care parents, let’s define that term. We are talking to parents that are getting licensed or are licensed to be foster care parents.

This blog is going to be designed to help foster care parents, adoptive parents, and people who are thinking about being foster care parents or adoptive parents. I’m going to be writing about the foster care home licensing process, the foster care process, the adoption process, parenting techniques, mental and emotional disorders, and anything else that may help parents. Also, as the title suggests, I will also be answering any questions that I receive.