DSC_1853-300x199The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is an agreement that only applies to those cases where the adopting parents and the child being adopted reside in different states. The Interstate Compact is statutory law in all 52 member jurisdictions. This set of laws creates a binding agreement between its members to follow uniform legal and administrative procedures when the child being adopted is located in a state different than the adopting family. For more details see AAICPC/APHSA Home.

When the child being adopted lives in a different state than the prospective adoptive parents, the adoption must comply with the:

  • Law of the state the child is born in
  • Law of the state that the prospective adoptive parents reside in
  • Requirements of the Interstate Compact Director of the sending state (where the child is coming from)
  • Requirements of the Interstate Compact Director of the receiving state (where the child is going to)