Christopher is a 14 year old, American Indian male. He prefers to be called Chris. He has a brother but they are separated. Chris wishes to maintain contact with him. He has no physical impairments, mild mental and learning impairments, and moderate emotional impairments.

Chris is an outdoors boy! He enjoys “camping, fishing, boating, and skiing.” However he also loves games! He likes “playing sports… Boccie Ball, and board games.” It is reported that he enjoys “Battleship and Candyland” the best. He like “drawing, exploring,” and being a jokester. He reports that he enjoys all foods but sushi and plums. He is an animal-lover and wishes to own a variety of pets.

The worker reports that “Chris can be very opinionated and stubborn when others do not agree with him.” Chris is received help at school so that he can succeed. Chris is reported to be working on establishing routines, sharing, and improving social skills.

The worker believes that Chris should be in a family that is willing to work with his counseling services, provide stability and structure, work with his school to get him the help he needs, provide patience and positivism. The worker reports that Chris would do best in a family where he is the youngest and there are two parents in the household.

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