Twonnisha is a 13 year old, African American female. MARE reports that she does not have any learning or mental impairments. She has mild physical impairments and moderate emotional impairments. Twonnisha is reported to have great creative talent. She is reported to enjoy painting and sewing. With that, she has taken up an interest with designing clothes! It is reported that she has begun “altering her clothes and adding to them to fit designs she has sketched.” Twonnisha reports that when she grows up she wants to be a fashion designer! Twonnisha wants to “be able to handle her emotions better and manage her frustrations more consistently.” Twonnisha also needs reinforcement when making appropriate friendships and how to build those relationships. Twonnisha feels that she would best benefit from being in a “single-female home” where she would be the youngest. She needs a parent that is willing to be “patient, understanding and provides her with unconditional love.” Twonnisha also wants to maintain her sibling connection as they have a strong bond! Please click on the link for the full biography on Twonnisha: