Aalayh is an 8 year old, African American female. Aalayh has a sister, named Destiny, and they would like to be adopted together. MARE reports that Aalayh does not have any physical, mental, or learning impairments. However she has moderate emotional impairments. Aalayh is reported to be a “friendly and affectionate young girl.” Aalayh likes to “ride her bike, have stories read to her, and being a ‘girly girl.’” Like Destiny, Aalayh thrives on one-on-one attention. Aalayh reports that she “is funny and likes to make her friends laugh.” It is reported that Aalayh “has shown an interest in music and is learning more about it.” Destiny and Aalayh would benefit from being the youngest in their adoptive family. Please click on the link for the full biography on Aalayh: http://www.mare.org/ForFamilies/ViewWaitingChildren/tabid/93/view/Detail/Default.aspx?id=9222